The abstract paintings that radiate a strong presence stimulate viewers with emotional fluctuations, creating a high-quality aura in any space. Furthermore, their high spatial compatibility has been acclaimed for “elevating the space where it is hung to the next level.” I have delivered my work to diverse settings, including offices, hotels, restaurants, and private residences. In recent years, I have been actively engaged in collaborations that transcend the traditional boundaries of painting, such as architecture, interior design, fashion, and more.

Art Design

Clinic / Relaxation

【MAe Clinic】Tokyo


【Kioicho Clinic】Tokyo

【Barakinakayama Clinic】Chiba

【&N Tokyo】Tokyo

【Ohana Facial】Tokyo

Dining / Bar





【iVintage-Bar】 Tokyo



Hotel / Retail

【Mandarin Oriental】Taipei

【The Art Inn】London

【Franck et Fils】Paris




【list Group】Tokyo


【GMO Internet】Tokyo

【Root Communications】Tokyo